Limo Specials for Weddings

Limo Specials for Weddings

Limo Special for your Wedding: book by the end of the month and get an additional hour free, as well as 1 bottle of champagne for free!

limo special weddingsMaking plans for a day as special as a wedding day can take its toll on even the most laid back brides, grooms and families. There are so many things that need to be taken care of that it’s enough to make your head spin. Finding the perfect dress, tuxedoes, venues and cake are only the beginning preparations for the special day, and they can be really expensive in Naples. Many prospective brides do all that they can to find ways to cut down on the costs of planning a wedding anywhere they can. The great people at L.A. Limousine Services understand that weddings can be costly. For this reason, they offer wedding limo specials in Naples. When brides and grooms book their special days with L.A. Limousine Services and request the wedding limo discounts package, they will get an additional hour free, as well as 1 bottle of champagne for free. If you’re looking for the best wedding limo discount, you should book with L.A. Limousine Services in Naples.

Wedding Limo Discounts in Naples

The folks at L.A. Limousine Services know that even though you are looking for wedding limo specials, you don’t want to cut down on the impact and quality of the luxury limo that you get. Cutting down on quality is not an option at L.A. Limousine Services. The happy couple can still select whichever vehicle they want, be it a Lincoln stretch limo, SUV limo, the Sedan Royale, or the one of a kind Bentley limo in pearl white! Once they call L.A. Limousine Services and simply ask for wedding limo specials, they will get the free hour and free bottle of champagne for their special days.

Naples Wedding Limo Specials

Finding Naples wedding limo specials can prove to be as difficult as moving mountains! Once asked about wedding limo discounts, most luxury transportation companies simply state that they do not offer wedding limo specials at this time. The few that will offer soon to be Newlyweds a deal, simply offer them older limousines that have dents, faded paint or just don’t run correctly. Nobody wants that for their special day. L.A. Limousine Services offers a great wedding limo discount for weddings in Naples. A free hour of service and 1 bottle of bubbly for celebrating with after the ceremony! No other companies offer wedding limo specials like this.

L.A. Limousine Services for Wedding Limo Specials

Keep in mind that the wedding limo discounts offered by L.A. Limousine Services in Naples are booked quickly. It’s best to reserve your favorite luxury vehicle as soon as you set the date. This will ensure that no other happy couple books the vehicle ahead of you. Call 239-354-9199 to ensure that you get your wedding limo specials for that special day.