Custom Limo Packages

Limo Services Packages for Corporate Executives

custom-limo-packagesIn big companies, the social comfort of the high executives is very important, because, as we know, it can influence their professional performance and it can even impact all the company’s activity. The social comfort of an executive with a family is partly influenced by managing his family’s daily schedule.

One of the issues that can generate a certain amount of stress and worry and it can lower your manager’s performance is often his concern for his family’s riding safely to and from various activities they are involved in every day: children that need to get to school and back home safely, the wife that has daily assignment whether or not involved in a professional activity – these are only 2 examples that can concern a manager at some point of the day, everyday.

L.A. Limousine Services offers you the perfect solution if you want to diminish this useless stress factor daily felt by your executive: corporate transportation services which include, besides the manager’s transport for business purposes, a package dedicated to his/her family’s members. We can adapt to the personal needs of the beneficiary, by providing professional transportation services, punctuality and maximum safety – these three reasons are can be a main concern for an executive with family.

Custom Limo Packages

It is a service that makes sense! How much time does a human resource manager spend when hiring an executive chauffeur? It always takes longer due to the fact it is not a day to day hiring position. How many chauffeurs a corporation needs when the pattern of the transportation requirements overlap in most cases: most executives start work on the same time, schools have also a similar schedule and most executives work usually long hours? Most in house executive chauffeurs have a busy workload at the beginning and the end of the day with almost nothing to do in between.

For those types of situations L.A. Limousine Services can help. With our experienced chauffeurs and impeccable vehicles we can customize a package based on your corporate needs. All services are provided on demand and prearranged schedules. Communication is provided through emails and text messages. When the executive is picked up, the chauffeur informs the office of his immediate arrival. Traffic patterns and routes are changed on a prearranged schedule for maximum safety of the executive on board. Constant interaction between our dispatch center, the chauffeur and corporate office assures the operational efficiency at this level of service. All trips are documented and real time reported to the corporate office for the ease of mind of the corporate executive team. Dead times are eliminated and this way the cost efficiency is assured.

Limousine rental for the needs of corporate executives: overall flexibility and adaptability

The services we offer can be completely customized so as to satisfy the transport needs of the executive as well as of his close family members. According to the routes and destinations chosen, we can offer luxury executive town cars or executive SUV, driven by professional drivers who will always be at their disposal, following the agreed daily schedule and making sure they are permanently safe on the road and comfortable inside the vehicle.

Using our services is without doubt much more convenient than using a taxi, a personal car or event the common transportation. Here’s a short list of reasons:

  • - Safety and comfort are superior to most types of cars since the luxury vehicles that form our fleet meet the highest automobile standards for safe and comfort
  • - Our drivers are carefully selected and trained in order to meet the standards of corporate transportation services
  • - For companies, this is a cost saving solution – replacing the company’s fleet and its permanent drivers

Naples Limo Transportation for Executives

Our fleet of executive cars and limousines is permanently at our clients’ disposal capable to adapt to any customer need. Thus, according to the purpose of the ride or its duration and conditions, we can rent you the limo that can best satisfy your needs at that moment. For example, your executive usually comes to the office in an executive town car, but during the day he needs to get outside the town for a meeting, we will send for this ride an executive SUV, later that day for a meeting with numerous partners, we can send an executive stretch limo or an executive van that suits best the transportation of larger groups offering also an interior environment that will induce relaxation and inspired dialogue.

Bonita Springs Limousine Transportation for Executives

Our standard offer, in economical variant, includes 18 rides per day with an executive car or limousine, rides that can be used both by the company’s manager and also by the manager’s family members – this offer can be customized according to the needs and expectations of the beneficiary. Get in touch with us, tell our consultants what your needs are and we will send you our offer of executive transport for which we can guarantee it will fully satisfy you.